Get 'Ah Grip

Circle Back...We Back

January 26, 2022 The Outspoken Trio Season 1 Episode 63
Get 'Ah Grip
Circle Back...We Back
Show Notes

Welcome to Get 'Ah Grip!

First off we just wanted to say Happy New Year! We are so happy to be back!
Life happens and we have missed  creating content...But don't worry we are back for good.

And Now....Its time for us to Circle Back.....
But for real...As you know we do our best to keep you updated on  everything happening here in the US.
So we use these episodes as an opportunity to fill you in on any new info we may have missed...Or update you on topics we have been covering from the start....
It's another jam packed episode for you.  In today's episode we cover everything that has been happening within the last month...There is a lot to talk about...
Get ready...It's a doozy.

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