Get 'Ah Grip


December 25, 2021 The Outspoken Trio Season 1 Episode 62
Get 'Ah Grip
Show Notes

Welcome to Get 'Ah Grip!

Merry Christmas...Happy Kwanza...We hope your holidays are merry and bright!
We truly hope you are surrounded by love, you have a fantastic time, and you safely make it home...Do not let anyone take away these moments with your family.
To all of our service men and women we are sending so much love your way.
Thank you for keeping us safe. We appreciate you.

Join us for some Holiday Cheer...Words of Wisdom...and the latest updates on what's happening around us...With that being said check out the link below...We would really appreciate a cup of coffee...Tis the season...Anything is appreciated...
For goodness sake it's just a cup of coffee...Lol...

Stay Safe.

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