Get 'Ah Grip


November 28, 2021 The Outspoken Trio Season 1 Episode 59
Get 'Ah Grip
Show Notes

Welcome to Get 'Ah Grip!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (Our US Listeners)
We also wanted to say we appreciate every single one of you and we are so thankful for any kind of support we get. Whether its a listen, you share our podcast with someone, or if you are able to donate by clicking on the link below. All of it matters...We are so thankful for you.

"It's The Most... Wonderful Time Of The Year" (Yes you sang that)...
During this time people are just...
A little nicer, a little more giving, a little more friendly...
It's wonderful, but of course you know the world has been a bit crazy lately.
We're here to tell you to enjoy your holidays with your loved ones and just pay attention to what is happening around you. Tune in to hear about what we've been experiencing and what we think will happen next...

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